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Unique Partnership Between Private and Public Sectors


Newport Landing was a unique partnership between public and private sectors that produced 280 lakeside living lots in the Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District as well as significant flood control and public recreational benefits. GSI provided oversight on the housing development grading, geotechinical engineering for infrastructure like roads, utilities, dam structures, development of the cut and fill designs, and located appropriate burrow sources for the flood control dams. 


Erosion Control and Drainage


Erosion control and drainage were significant issues throughout the development. Grading and retention wall construction unearthed natural springs which posed a problem for development. GSI designed diversions and natural pathways for the spring water flow and seepage. This recurring issue required GSI to solve water drainage issues on an ongoing basis as construction continually uncovered new springs. 


20 ft Earthen Dam Raised to 50 ft


A 20-ft earthen dam was raised to approximately 50-ft to comply with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and N.R.D. flood control requirements. GSI not only located burrow sources, but assisted with bank stabilization, tested fill material to raise areas out of the flood plain, and provided geotechnical engineering for drainage systems and dewatering.  


GSI Becomes Intergral Part of 4-yr Public/Private Project


GSI became and integral part of the 4yr public/private project by working cooperatively with the flood control district, home builders, developers, the Corps of Engineers and contractors to find solid solutions to recurring water issues in order to make Newport Landing a showcase residential area.