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GSI uses state-of-the-art geotechnical engineering equipment, staff and methods to give you the most comprehensive analysis of your site's composition. Our engineers are highly experienced with the Midwest unique subsurface. That gives us an experiential and technological edge over the competition.

GSI has been a leader in geotechnical engineering for four decades. Our clients range from agribusiness to municipalities, developers, realtors, architects, engineers, construction companies, utilities, manufacturing companies, financial institutions, and federal, state and municipal organizations.

We maintain a large fleet of subsurface exploration equipment. Our in-house drilling enables us to offer time-efficient scheduling and the ability to mobilize the right equipment and crew within hours. The methods, skills and equipment we use lower costs and increase efficiency by preventing costly errors.

What's under your site can be as important as what's on it. Performed properly, geotechnical engineering can characterize the properties of your site's earth materials. That allows you to predict the reaction to load conditions and other factors that can impact construction time, lower costs and reduce delays.

GSI has decades of experience in all aspects of geotechnical engineering. Our geotechnical engineers have worked on tens of thousands of projects. From the TD Ameritrade's ballpark and Qwest Center, to refineries, levees, wells, highways, development projects, industrial plant construction and more. GSI is regarded by many as the premier geotechnical engineering firm in the Midwest.

Recognized as a leader in geotechnical engineering for four decades."