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All employees receive at least a half-day training in First Aid  ...some much more.

GSI personnel receive training from the Fire Department in use of fire extinquishers.

Driving safety is emphasized in monthly safety meetings with refresher courses.

Safety isn't a slogan at GSI, it's a top priority. And it involves every employee. All personnel go through a mandatory 40-hour OSHA training and yearly refresher. Workplace safety is emphasized through regular meetings and required training like First Aid and CPR. Our motto is Safety First   ...and we live by it.

Safety is a top priority at GSI. All employees undergo 40 hours of mandatory OSHA training to learn how to recognize, avoid and prevent safety hazards in their workplace and comply with OSHA's requirements. All employees must also attend yearly refresher courses to keep their OSHA training up-to-the-minute.  

In addition to training in workplace safety, all employees must go through mandatory training in OSHA's Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) and a refresher course every year. Personnel are trained in such areas as:

Thanks to our high standards and commitment to safety, our personnel are always up to date on their comprehensive and continuing safety training, That means our staff are all well prepared for any additional safety training your project may require. Our full OSHA training and workplace safety training means we can meet any additional training requirements easily, quickly and without dealying your project.

GSI personnel are also trained in CPR which covers covers defibulator use...

HAZMAT Labeling

Accidental Release Measures and Spill Cleanup Procedures

Respiratory Protection

Decontamination Procedures

Ergonomics is also highlighted in our monthly safety meetings with topical outline briefs on such things as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workplace and their avoidance.


Our Safety Record

Our Drug & Alcohol Compliance on Pipelines and Refineries

Our Safety, Background Screening, Drug & Alcohol testing for the DOT

Smith Advanced Driving System

Our staff is always prepared for any additional training your project requires.

BP Amoco

E-Rail Safe

Railroad Contractor Orientation

Whether it is fire extinguisher training, first aid and CPR training, driving safety, or ergonomics, GSI emphasizes workplace safety. At monthly meetings, we emphasize a specific safety issue, overview items to remember, and provide a brief refresher course in that particular area. GSI staff receives training from the fire department in fire extinguisher use, and we are currently working to ensure that every employee has received at least a half-day of first aid and CPR training.

Safety isn't a slogan at GSI's a top priority."