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The City of Des Moines Embarks on Construction of the MLK Parkway to speed north/south traffic and connect access to the west side of town. GSI was called in to provide extensive geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing for the 1,500-foot stretch of parkway emcompassing the new cast in place concrete arched bridge (shown).


GSI Uses Specialized Techniques to Save Time During the Construction Phase of the Project

GSI's practical recommendations for stability and settlement of the soils were the key to the success of the project. 


Slope Inclinometers GSI installed scope inclinometers to monitor the soil conditions for the deep cut adjacent to four existing masonry buildings. Pre and post-condition surveys of the four adjacent buildings indicated no change in settlement as a result of construction.


Cross Hole Sonic Logging was also used by GSI which enabled 24-hour turnaround for additional drilled shafts that supported the arched bridge. The contractor opted to use false work scaffolding that saved 30 days in construction of the bridge. This falsework was going to be supported by a temporary concrete slab which would have to be dismantled after the bridge pour of 1,800 cubic yards.


GSI Recommendeds a Granular Base Reinforced with Geogrid This recommendation saved 2 days in building the bridge compared to the originally-designed concrete slab which would have been dismantled after the pour. Plate load tests enabled GSI to recommend the granular base which successfully and cost-effectively enabled the bridge to be poured in one section.