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State-of-the-art materials testing equipment, methods and personnel."

GSI's In-house and mobile laboratories provide specialized services for inspection sampling, testing and documentation, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. This allows us to determine the physical properties of soils for construction materials and geotechnical projects.

GSI is equipped to sample, test and document soil, rock, mineral, groundwater and fault distribution properties. This determines how your site will react to such things as spread footings and slab foundations. We also measure susceptibility to earthquakes, landslides and floods.

GSI technicians are highly skilled at performing Quality Assurance / Quality Control activities to determine the soil and subsurface materials for construction and geotechnical projects. Knowing the characterisitcs of soils and materials, and how they'll react to various circumstances, is crucial to your project's success.

GSI engineers and technicians are on-site. So your project gets their utmost attention. With more technicians and a high-tech mobile communication system, GSI staff can deploy quickly to accomodate fast-track schedules.

GSI has the equipment, experience and personnel to tackle any material, situation or contingency matter how large or small your construction project. Whether a stadium, golf course, parkway, levee, industrial plant or refinery, GSI is the right choice to save time and money, and prevent costly delays.  

Our in-house certified labs provide accurate results in a very timely manner. We strive for a 24-hour turnaround. That menas you get the answers you need at the critical moment you need them.

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GSI's geotechnical engineers' familiarity with ASTM, ASHTO and COE procedures in the lab and field allow for effective testing completion and client communication. By using electronic communication and international courier services, GSI provides timely testing services anywhere. We can also advise you on how to ship samples to minimize potential damage, especially when sensitive samples are a concern.