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Huge Step for the City of Grand Island, Nebraska


Today, the City of Grand Island's Heartland Event Center Addition houses an auditorium, football stadium, concert hall and ice skating rink. But the project could have cost far more than it did. 


GSI Provides Geotechnical Engineering and CMT for Hearland Event Center


At the time, GSI provided geoengineering and CMT for the high-profile addition. But they also provided much more. They provided valuable engineering insight that saved the city money during the construction phase. The foundation required special care in preparing and selecting appropriate materials for the base under the ice rink portion of the facility. GSI recommended over-excavating the existing materials and replacing them with granular, free-draining materials to lessen the impact of freeze/thaw issues. 


GSI's Sorts On-Site Materials To Reduce Costs


GSI sorted soil materials and stockpiled appropriate materials for use in preparing the foundation during the Grading Phase of the project. By using on-site materials and sorting them for use the owner saved considerable time and money in locating the appropriate materials for a sound foundation. 


No Forms Had to Be Constructed


By recommending a foundation construction system built by using the local standard earth form foundation, GSI saved the owners considerable money because no forms had to be constructed and dismantled. GSI provided the necessary testing for concrete, soils, reinforcing steel and bolt inspection on structural steel during construction of the facility.