Evaluation of New Optical Imaging Profiler Tool

GSI Engineering recently partnered with Geoprobe Systems and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to test a new direct push photo-logging system developed by Geoprobe® called the Optical Imaging Profiler (OIP) tool.

oip view screen
The OIP tool is used to map relative distribution of LNAPL fuels and light oils within soil and produces a detailed log of UV induced fuel fluorescence. It is designed to identify several common organic contaminants of concern including coal tars, creosote, bunker fuels and other heavy hydrocarbons. Using a down hole light emitting diode and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor camera, the OIP identifies fluorescent contaminants through a sapphire window, providing ground-breaking real-time logging.
GSI conducted testing at a Former Manufactured Gas Plant located in south central Kansas. We collected soil samples of specific intervals using a Dual Tube 22® sampler and submitted to Pace Analytical Laboratories for confirmation analysis.

Wes McCall from GeoProbe® presented the results from the investigation at the 26th Annual Kansas Hydrology Seminar in November. The analytical results from the soil sampling demonstrated that the OIP was an effective tool in characterizing the subsurface soil for coal tar.

oip in action

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