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Complying with environmental regulations can be daunting."

Let GSI be your advocate! GSI's environmental professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the regulatory issues that face construction projects and a working relationship with many agencies that oversee regulatory compliance.

Land owners can be held financially responsible for contamination on their property. A risk assessment by GSI can help. Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) can minimize risk by revealing past, current and potential envirnomental issues. That protects you, your investment ...and the environment.

Despite your best efforts, chemical releases can and do occur. But GSI can help minimize the scope and potential for such risks. By conducting release investigations, GSI can determine the extent of the contamination - whether it's a petroluem solvent, agricultural or industrial site. It's the smart way to avoid costly cleanup expenses and keep our environment safe for future generations.

Assessing your property's potential risk is important whether you're a buyer, seller or lender. For risk assessment, Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) make good business sense. They're part of due diligence for every non-residential real estate transaction and are vital to protecting your financial interests. GSI can help you take the first steps by performing an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on your site or property.

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires federal agencies to use an interdisciplinary approach in planning and decision-making for proposed actions that impact the environment. Trying to figure out how to comply with NEPA regulations can be a daunting task. GSI can assist you in preparing NEPA evaluations and help you decide what action to take and when. We also help prepare NEPA evaluations for federally-funded projects.