• Note: Criminal convictions are not an absolute bar to employment, but will be considered only in relation to specific job requirements.
  • For job positions that may involve field and/or lab work you must be able to safely perform the following functions:

    • Ability to lift 75 lbs.
    • Conduct sampling and casting of fresh concrete.
    • Follow established test procedures.
    • Conduct compaction testing.
    • Sample retrieval and soil handling.
    • Have good communication and writing skills.
    • Assist in well installation and completion.
    • Other related job duties as required or assigned.
  • List school name, location, years completed, field of study or area of concentration, and any diploma or degrees earned:
    School NameLocationYrs. CompletedField of Study or Area of ConcentrationDiploma/Degree Earned 
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  • Employment Experience/Work Record:

    In order to verify that you meet the qualifications; this section must be filled out completely even if a resume is attached. This information is required for application processing. If this information is not complete, the application will be returned to you. List the positions that you have held, starting with your current or most recent. If you held more than one position with the same organization, or if you were in the military and had multiple assignments, list each separately.

  • List 3 individuals in supervisory or co-worker capacity who can attest to your abilities and their phone numbers.
    NamePhone Number 
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  • Acknowledgements:

    Please read and initial each of the following:

  • Accepted file types: doc, pdf, docx.