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GSI's professionals are committed to helping our architectural, engineering and construction partners manage the risk associated with geoenvironmental issues and the quality control of materials and processes in construction projects while helping protect the environment."

GSI provides geotechnical testing and engineering to architectural firms contracted to provide services for a wide range of public and private construction projects in the Midwest and across the country.

GSI provides environmental, geotechnical, materials testing and drilling services to a numerous array of engineering firms. Our scientists, technicians and geotechnical professionals work hand in hand with engineering firms to meet fast-track construction schedules and provide accurate, cost-effective solutions..

To avoid costly mistakes you need informed decisions. That's why so many contractors choose GSI. We provide fast and accurate on-site testing, help with regulatory hurdles, a team of drilling experts with state-of-the-art equipment, and the best geotechnical pros in the Midwest. We know your schedule is tight. We also know you need your projects done right the first time. That's why GSI is constantly looking for ways to save you money ...and time. It's also why so many contractors choose GSI.